Three new statues complete Trail of Governors

This morning, three new statues were unveiled for the Trail of Governors in Pierre: Andrew E. Lee, Frank M. Byrne, and William J. Bulow.

Byrne, Bulow, and Lee

Once placed, these three sculptures will complete the Trail, as all 31 former South Dakota governors will be represented. Going forward, new governor statues will be added as governors leave office.

Earlier this week, I posted biographies of each of the new governors in a preview story. I previously posted a gallery of Trail statues, which I will update once these statues are placed.

The statue of Lee, by sculptors Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby, will be placed in downtown Pierre on the corner of Pierre Street and Missouri Avenue.

The statue of Byrne, by James Michael Maher, will be placed in front of the Becker-Hanson Building, the SD DOT headquarters, on Broadway Avenue.

The statue of Bulow will be placed in an alcove on Pierre Street, between Pleasant Drive and the railroad bridge.