The Plains Political Tradition, Vol. 4 is released

The cover looks great, but the essays are even better.

Today is the release date for The Plains Political Tradition: Essays on South Dakota Political Culture, Volume 4. This is a collection of essays on South Dakota’s political history, edited this time by Jon K. Lauck and Paula M. Nelson. You can order your copy here.

The editors were kind enough to include a chapter by this blogger about Governor William J. Bulow, entitled “William J. Bulow: The Conservative Democrat Who Time Passed By.” My article, like the edition of South Dakota History that came out last year, draws upon Bulow’s unpublished autobiography manuscript, in this case bridging the gap between the Progressive Era of the 1900-1920s and the post-New Deal, post-WWII era of the 1940s.

Volume 4 includes ten essays, all of which will be of interest to South Dakota history junkies, including articles on General Beadle, Peter Norbeck, Karl Mundt, Francis Case, and George S. Mickelson.

The edition is dedicated to the memory of Dr. John E. Miller, the eminent historian who edited the first three volumes and died in 2020, during the early stages of the planning for Volume 4.

South Dakota Historical Society Press still has available for purchase Volume 2 and Volume 3 of The Plains Political Tradition as well – Volume 2 includes my earlier article, “Leaders in the Land of Infinite Variety: A Collective Portrait of South Dakota’s Governors.” Volume 1 does not seem to be available directly from the Press any longer, but like the other volumes is available on Amazon.

Below is a list of the ten essays in Volume 4:

  • “The Origins and Distribution of South Dakota’s Non-Indigenous Population, 1870-1890,” by Greg Rose
  • “Printing History in the Making: Political Culture in South Dakota’s German-Language Press, 1880-1915,” by Randi Ramsden
  • “General William H. H. Beadle: Abolitionist, Soldier, Statesman, Educator,” by Justin Blessinger
  • “Safeguarding the Interests of the People: Governor Peter Norbeck and Conservative Reform,” by Daryl Webb
  • “William J. Bulow: The Conservative Democrat Who Time Passed By,” by Tonnis H. Venhuizen
  • “The Eastern Establishment on Trial: Congressman Karl Mundt, ‘Inland’ Republicanism, and the Hiss Case,” by Sean J. Flynn
  • “Two Senators and South Dakota Politics in Comparative Perspective: Lyndon Baines Johnson and Francis Case,” by Paul Higbee
  • “The Political Strategies of George Mickelson,” by Paul Wilson
  • “Political ‘Nobodies’ Out of Political ‘Nowhere’: From Where Have South Dakota’s Political Leaders Come?” by Marshall Damgaard
  • “The Politics of the South Dakota Budget Process,” by Michael Card