Gov. Wollman remembers Gov. Farrar

Harvey Wollman and Frank Farrar, prior to the unveiling of both of their statues Trail of Governors statues in 2013.

Bob Mercer has a nice interview on with former Governor Harvey Wollman, remembering his longtime friendship with former Governor Frank Farrar, who passed away last week:

“I wouldn’t say we were bosom buddies, but we were close personal friends,” Wollman said.  

His Senate victory had put Wollman in a place where he could admire the bolt of energy and innovation Wollman said Farrar brought to the Capitol, after years of Republican conservativism under governors such as Archie Gubbrud and Nils Boe.

Farrar started the process of revising the South Dakota Constitution. But he also succeeded at passing legislation to create a state Gas and Electric Council that angered many who relied on the rural electric system. The Legislature repealed the utilities law in 1970 but the wound remained.

You can read the entire interview here.