Terry Woster on Jim Soyer

Jim Soyer

Colleagues, friends, and family gathered today in Sioux Falls to bid a final farewell to Jim Soyer, a former chief of staff to Gov. Bill Janklow and decades-long fixture in the South Dakota Governor’s Office. I earlier shared my thoughts about Soyer after he died.

At the funeral, amidst the photo boards, was a very nice piece by legendary newspaper columnist Terry Woster, which I would encourage you to read. A brief excerpt:

If you visited the Capitol building during Soyer’s time, you might have passed him in the hall. Most likely, you’d have paid him little notice. A child, catching a smile from a round-faced, thick-bearded man in glasses, might think it was Santa’s brother. Adults would have seen a relatively nondescript guy in a tie and rumpled sport jacket, arms filled with papers and PowerPoint printouts.

He’d have been on his way to one meeting or another. Often those meetings didn’t really get going until he was in the room. He was kind of important, but he didn’t look it. I think he liked it that way.

You can read the entire column here.