New Trail of Governors statues unveiled

Statues of Govs. Samuel H. Elrod, Archie Gubbrud, and Dennis Daugaard joined the Trail of Governors today.

Gov. Elrod’s statue, by James Van Nuys, emphasizes Elrod’s profession as an attorney.

Gov. Gubbrud’s statue, by Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby, portrays Gubbrud observing a model of a Minuteman Missile, dozens of which were installed in SD during his tenure.

Gov. Daugaard’s statue, by James Michael Maher, portrays Daugaard, the son of deaf parents, signing “I love you.” In his other hand, he is holding a shovel, recalling his leadership during the 2011 Missouri River floods and his emphasis on stewardship. That hand is also literally “pinching a penny.”

Daugaard and Gubbrud will be placed later today. Elrod will he placed in the coming weeks.