Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s portrait unveiled

The official portrait of Dennis Daugaard, the 32nd Governor of South Dakota, was unveiled this afternoon at the State Capitol. The portrait now hangs alongside the thirty-one portraits of Daugaard’s predecessors on the first floor of the Capitol.


32 dennis daugaard

Daugaard is portrayed standing in front of the State Capitol’s cornerstone, evoking his emphasis on strengthening the foundation of state government – state financial management and state buildings, including the Capitol itself.

The portrait was painted by Susan Boone Durkee, a Connecticut portraitist who was selected through a national selection process. Durkee visited Pierre in May to visit Daugaard and the site and to begin her work, which continued at her studio.

The portrait was paid for entirely with donations from Daugaard’s current and former cabinet and staff; no state funds supported the portrait.