The many mustaches of SD Lt. Gov’s

South Dakota has had thirty-eight lieutenant governors. Twelve of them, or nearly one third, sported a mustache (using the Senate lobby’s official portraits as a reference). South Dakota’s first 7 LG’s all had mustaches, as did 10 of the first 11, and 11 of the first 15. The incumbent, Matt Michels, ended an 82-year drought in 2011 when he became the first mustachioed LG since Hyatt E. Covey in 1927-29. Here are all twelve:

Rhoden_2017Larry Rhoden, the Republican nominee for LG, has been known to often sport a mustache or goatee, although not generally in his official legislative photographs. Which begs the question: If the Noem/Rhoden ticket prevails in November, will Larry Rhoden join the ranks of mustachioed lieutenant governors?

Update 6/22/18: Courtesy of Dakota War College, Rhoden seems to be preparing for his role as LG: